3 New Year's Resolutions Every Driver Should Make

If you sometimes find yourself feeling stressed out on the road, add these three resolutions to your list of goals for the New Year.

Give Others the Benefit of the Doubt
It’s easy to get angry at a driver when you think they've merged in front of you erratically, perhaps at a lower speed than you’re driving. In this and any other situation where you feel you’ve been wronged, it’s always best to give the benefit of the doubt. Maybe the other driver didn’t realize how fast you were going or maybe they needed to get over in order to make an exit.

In addition, think of the times you’ve accidentally cut off another driver yourself or took another action that may have been viewed negatively. We all make mistakes sometimes.

Run on Time
Running late, you grab your purse and speed out of the driveway, then proceed to weave in and out of lanes to get to your job interview on time. This situation presents a number of detrimental factors. Not only does rushing lead to dangerous driving behavior, but it can also cause needless stress and road rage if you perceive that others are in your way.

How can you stop running late? Some simple tips are to set multiple alarms – and not just for sleep. During the day, you can set reminders alerting you to get ready if you have an appointment to get to. In addition, prepare whatever you can the day before, including your wardrobe.

Practice Patience
If your goal this upcoming year is to reduce your anxiety, one place you can start is on the road. Stress and anger contribute to high blood pressure not to mention rash actions. A simple way to minimize these emotions is to practice patience when driving. Do you really have to catch every light? Is it that important to speed ahead just because you think another car will cut in front of you?

In the large scheme of life, these things hold little to no importance; and by practicing patience, you’ll avoid feeling anxiety, which means these types of issues won’t take up more emotional space than they deserve.

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