3 Reasons Why You Should Never Replace Your Windshield Washer Fluid with Water

No matter the season, you probably know the importance of keeping your car's windshield washer fluid full. However, in an attempt to save money, you may think that filling the receptacle with water is just as good as using a store-bought fluid. If so, you should reconsider this line of thinking, as there are three reasons why you should never replace your windshield washer fluid with water.

1. Water Will Freeze in Cold Weather

One reason why you should never use water instead of windshield washer fluid is that water will freeze in cold weather. If the temperatures drop below freezing for any length of time, the water inside the receptacle will freeze solid, making it impossible to spray your windshield.

Even if the water has not frozen solid, there is a good possibility that it will freeze as soon as it hits the chilled glass. Once this happens, your visibility will fall dramatically and put you in danger while driving. Windshield washer fluid is the better choice because it has chemicals that keep it from freezing.

2. Water Does Not Cut Through Most Grime and Dirt

Along with freezing when the temperatures drop, water is not an effective cleaner when used in place of windshield washer fluid. While the water may have the ability to cut through light dirt or dust, it cannot cut through a lot of the grime that typically ends up on your windshield.

For example, if you are driving during the spring or summer months, flying insects will smack against the glass, creating a slimy mess. While windshield washer fluid is capable of cutting through the bug parts, water will only smear it around, creating a bigger mess and decreasing your visibility.

3. Water Will Leave Behind Mineral Deposits and Water Spots

How to Add Washer Fluid to Car

Another problem with using water to clean your windshield is that the water contains minerals. These minerals can create problems for both the windshield washer system and your visibility.

If water is left inside the lines too long, the mineral deposits will build up and eventually clog up the lines. As a result, you will either have a decreased spray of fluid or none at all, depending on the extent of the deposit formation.

Since these minerals are also deposited on your windshield as the water dries, water spots will form. These spots can interfere with your ability to see through the glass, as well as cause glare when the sun hits them.

Instead of water, you should always use the windshield washer fluid that is recommended for your Volkswagen. If you are unsure of which brand or type to purchase, we at Camelback Volkswagen are happy to assist you in making the right selection for your car's particular model.

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