Volkswagen Bluemotion Nameplate

Volkswagen BlueMotion series includes vehicles that have been equipped with innovative features within the car's engine, as well as the upgraded aerodynamic body. BlueMotion technology (BMT) is present in many Volkswagen vehicles, but there are only two models that are genuinely BlueMotion certified through and through. These two vehicles are the Golf BlueMotion and the Polo BlueMotion. Although options involving true BlueMotion models are slim, many vehicles manufactured by Volkswagen incorporate BMT upgrades within the engines themselves.

The most sought after feature included in BMT is the stop/start feature that is installed within the motor. This particular attribute is highly environmentally-friendly due to it reducing fumes while idling. The sensors that are present within the engine can automatically detect when the engine has stalled, and it disables the motor until the clutch is pressed once again. Drivers can rest assured that although the engine shuts itself off in the appropriate scenarios, it will restart almost effortlessly when it is time to start moving again. This is great for those who find themselves sitting in traffic by reducing both emissions and overall fuel costs.

Aerodynamic upgrades are also a beneficial trademark of BlueMotion Volkswagen models. Air circulation dramatically increases in these vehicles with the low-riding style of the body. Manufacturers have also made sure to decrease the size of gaps within the body's paneling to contribute to efficient air flow. This feature is quite useful in terms of temperature regulation, as well as ensuring that the windshield does not fog up while commuting.

Reducing our carbon footprint is a primary prerogative in our society, and BlueMotion vehicles give us the ability to do this naturally. By operating a Volkswagen model equipped with BMT, drivers can automatically decrease emissions and transportation costs without putting forth a high amount of effort into the process. Not only are these vehicles innovative with low-cost maintenance, but they can also provide you with the reassurance of being environmentally conscious.

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