Signs of Engine trouble

When it comes to owning a vehicle, maintaining the engine is vital to ensure that it can continue to operate well. Over time, engines suffer from wear and tear as they're used, which can make it difficult to have a reliable mode of transportation. If you want to be aware of potential problems that can develop, there are a few signs of engine trouble that can occur.

1. Warning Lights

It's never a good sign when the warning lights behind your steering wheel illuminate. You may notice that all of the lights turn on when you start the engine, but if they don't become dim, then it's a sign that you need to have the engine inspected by a professional. There may be an issue with the computer that monitors all of the different parts, or there may be a severe issue with the engine.

2. Unusual Smells

The engine shouldn't have a smell but can develop unusual odors due to fluids that may be leaking. Oil or coolant is likely leaking from the closed-loop systems, or there may even be gases that are leaking into the cabin of the vehicle, which can be extremely dangerous. In other cases, you may notice the smell of burning rubber, which means that one of the hoses is likely melting due to the hot liquid that is running through it. Stay in tune with your senses and bring the car to our service center the moment you recognize smells that are not normal to ensure that necessary repairs are performed.

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3. Smoke

Smoke that is released from the exhaust is normal as you drive but shouldn't be visible. You may notice blue smoke that comes out of the engine from different passageways, which indicates that the seals need to be repaired by a professional. White smoke that is released from the vehicle is a sign that antifreeze and condensation have mixed with the fuel in the car. You can prevent it from overheating by adding a bit of coolant to the cooling system. White smoke that is coming out from under the hood means that the car has begun to overheat.

4. Unusual Noises

Engines are designed to be loud but smooth with how they sound but can develop unusual noises when an issue occurs internally. Tapping or popping that occurs in the vehicle is a sign that detonation is present in the cylinders of the car. If the transmission grinds while shifting gears then it's a sign that the clutch is worn or needs to be adjusted. Internal damage may also be present in the engine if you hear constant grinding while operating the vehicle.

5. Gas Mileage Drop-Off

You may begin to notice that the fuel that you put into your vehicle doesn't take you the same amount of distance as it has previously. Gas mileage drop-off indicates that there's trouble, specifically with the compression stroke of the engine. You can treat the issue by taking the car in for a tune-up or hiring a professional to perform an engine diagnostic.

If you want to learn more about common signs of engine trouble to be aware of, contact our dealership and speak to a service representative.

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