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At Camelback VW, we appreciate Volkwagen's interest in the greater good. Today, we proudly endorse the car company's major initiative to improve sustainability along its supply chain.

Worldwide Sustainability Rating For Every Supplier

Formally launched in 2019, Volkswagen's program produces a Worldwide Sustainability Rating for every supplier that contributes to the automaker's manufacturing process. Each suppliers' rating communicates its recent history regarding environmental issues, corruption and human rights.

"We are convinced that a sustainable supplier network is a guarantee of long-term corporate success. Sustainability is becoming a decisive business factor," Dr. Stefan Sommer, Board Member for Components and Procurement at VW, said recently.

The Program Begins With a Self-Assessment

Volkswagen's program begins with each supplier's self-assessment. A given supplier fills out a questionnaire and supplies relevant documents to VW. Next, independent agencies review the information provided. If an agency doubts the information's validity, it further investigates the matter and conducts in-person checks of relevant facilities. Proof of misconduct leads to exclusion from Volkswagen's supply chain.

Like most automobile manufacturers, Volkswagen uses complicated supply chains. You only need to consider the thousands of diverse parts that comprise one car to imagine VW's supply-chain complexity. The auto giant recently told its direct suppliers to pass its sustainability requirements to all firms with which they conduct business.

To clearly convey its sustainability expectations, Volkswagen released its Code of Conduct for Business Partners in 2019. This code details its human-rights, occupational-health, safety, corruption and environmental-protection standards.

The Reduction of Carbon-Dioxide

The multinational auto brand gave early notice of its new requirements to its suppliers in 2018. It held workshops and other events to enable a smooth transition. Notably, Volkswagen Group plans to expand its Worldwide Sustainability Rating to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions along its supply chain in the 2020s.

We applaud Volkswagen's commitment to a better world at Camelback VW. If you want to learn more about this initiative, please contact or visit our dealership.

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