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Top 3 Most Fuel Efficient Volkswagen Vehicles

Top 3 Most Fuel Efficient Volkswagens

When it comes to getting the best gas mileage and fuel economy, there has been so much information that it can become desensitizing. With every car commercial on television, there is typically bombarding information regarding fuel economy and the statistics on efficiency ratings; however, all of the information is for an excellent reason. All of the information about highly fuel-efficient cars is being saturated to the consumer to save the environment, and the planet, as well as to preserve consumers money at the gas pump.

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Video: How to Properly Change a Tire

Whether there's a blowout or a standard rotation in order, changing your vehicle's tires is a skill that should be practiced on a regular basis. There's no reason why you can't learn this skill with just a few pointers. It's a relatively simple process that can take less than 15 or 20 minutes to complete. Follow these guidelines to properly change a tire.

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Blast From the Past: VW Commercials Still Funny As Ever

You probably know Swedish actor Peter Stormare from movies like “Minority Report” and “Fargo,” as well as television appearances on “Seinfeld” and “Prison Break,” but one little gem from his career you might have forgotten about were his killer VW commercials. Yes, they were so hysterical they became an Internet phenomenon when uploaded to YouTube in 2006. We’ve got all three of the commercials here for you to view and they’re sure to put a smile on your face.

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