How Does the VW 4Motion Work?

How does the vw <strong>4MOTION</strong> Work

4MOTION is the latest innovation from Volkswagen to provide its customers a safer, more stable ride in all kinds of weather and under all driving conditions. The new feature is not your typical all wheel drive configuration.

What is Volkswagen 4MOTION?

4MOTION is a power train configuration used to distribute power to each of the 4 wheels independently, based on driving conditions. In most normal driving conditions, the majority of the power will be distributed to the front wheels for fuel efficiency and ride comfort.

But should the terrain suddenly change, or if one wheel begins to lose traction, 4MOTION can compensate by redistributing power to the other wheels until the wheel regains traction. There are countless power distribution combinations 4MOTION can employ. The adjustments are accomplished in a fraction of a second, far faster than any driver. This feature can prevent sliding off the road in snowy or conditions, preventing a skid or creating a ‘fishtail” situation.

Besides potentially hazardous situations, 4MOTION also makes power adjustments during parking and cornering. Thus, even in normal conditions, the 4MOTION system makes handling operations easier and safer.

How does Volkswagen 4MOTION work?

4MOTION uses a system of sophisticated electronic sensors at each wheel while also recording engine speed, vehicle velocity, transmission operation, braking and many other factors. These sensors continuously track the speed of each wheel. It will sense when one wheel has a sudden increase in speed as compared to the others, meaning the wheel has lost traction.

A Haldex dual clutch system keeps track of all of this information in a CPU. The multi plate clutch controls power between the front and rear axles as well as the wheels on each side of the vehicle. An electric pump continuously adjusts the pressure to the clutch plates, which in turn control the amount of torque sent to each wheel. Generally, the wheels with the most traction obtain the most torque. Doing so keeps the vehicle stable with maximum traction control


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