VW Golf GTI Named Popular Mechanics Hatchback of the Year


The VW Golf GTI, Hatchback of the Year!

It's probably not a surprise to you that the VW Golf GTI has become very popular over the years; however, now there is supporting evidence by a reliable source! Popular Mechanics, a successful automotive and technology magazine, recently named the 2019 VW Golf GTI as "Hatchback of the Year," among 19 other vehicles priced under $25,000!

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How Does VW Car-Net Security & Service Work?

VW Care Net Security & Service

Volkswagen has a long history of success, and innovation drives much of it. Volkswagen also commits to integrating new technologies to make your driving experience safer, convenient, and enjoyable. VW Car-Net successfully does this by combining the intelligence of your vehicle, smartphone, and computer to create a powerful communication and information system. Car-Net has four exciting features that enhance safety, convenience, and vehicle availability.

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How To Change Your Driving Mode in Your VW?

Changing Your Driving Mode

If you currently own a VW, then you already know that it has very exciting features and agile performance. And, if you're currently not a VW owner -stay tuned- because you're going to be privileged to information that will make a difference in knowing why VW's are so much fun to drive!

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