Volkswagen Passat to be Discontinued for 2023

Volkswagen Passat to be Discontinued for 2023In recent news, the Volkswagen Passat will be discontinued after the year 2023. This means one less sedan in the lineup for those who are enthusiasts.

The Passat

The German brand will cease production of this vehicle in the next year. This means that it will no longer be offered in the United States. The emphasis will instead shift over to making the all-electric Id.4 vehicles instead. These vehicles are all-electric, and this appears to be a major trend among many automakers.

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Volkswagen Scout to Make a Comeback as an Electric Vehicle

Volkswagen Scout to Make a Comeback as an Electric VehicleVolkswagen has announced that they plan to bring back the Scout, but this time as an electric vehicle. The original Scout was a small SUV that was popular some years ago, and it looks like the new version will stay true to its roots by being a small and affordable SUV. This move by Volkswagen shows that they are committed to making environmentally friendly vehicles, and the Scout is sure to be an excellent option for anyone looking for a green car that will fit their budget. The new Scout will surely be a hit with anyone who loved the…
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Top 3 Popular Volkswagen Models

Top 3 Popular Volkswagen ModelsVolkswagen is among the most popular car brands in Europe. They are the second best-selling automobile brand in Europe so far this century. A handful of models are the best-sellers for Volkswagen so far this century, but some are more popular than others. These three models have sold more cars than any other.

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Electric Vehicle (EV) Cost of Ownership

VW Celebrates 20 Years of the Golf RSeveral vehicle consumers love the idea of owning an electric vehicle. Nonetheless, they tend to be curious about the long-term costs of owning one of these cars. It has been researched and concluded that ownership costs of electric vehicles come out first. Let us focus on some of the key results from the consumer report research.

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Summer Maintenance Tips for 2021

Summer Maintenance Tips  

For many people, warmer weather and longer days mean prime time for a road trip. Before you embark on your journey, however, you'll want to make sure that your vehicle is fully prepared for the trip. Elements such as excessive heat, sun, rain, and dust can all take a toll on your vehicle. When you contact our dealership in Phoenix for service, our mechanics can perform several key services to get your car in top shape.

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Is Volkswagen Making a New Van?

VW Van  

Volkswagen announced back in 2017 that they were considering bringing back a van model to their lineup. The electric concept car I.D. Buzz debuted at a Detroit auto show, with plans to make it available in 2022. We’re expecting more information on this model at a later date, but the overall design will be very similar to their original microbus design. 

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What Is the Perfect Volkswagen Car for Me?

2022 Perfect Volkswagen

Volkswagen is one of the most recognized names in the industry, producing cars of all sizes and styles to satisfy diverse needs. Volkswagen cars range from smaller vehicles such as hatchbacks and compact cars to spacious sedans and full-size SUVs. There is no shortage of options for buying a Volkswagen, but that means you'll have to choose from a long list of cars to get the best one to fit your needs. If you're unsure where to start, we can help you out by providing tips that will make it easier to settle on the ideal car for…

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How to Update My Volkswagen Navigation System

VW Navigation  

If you've purchased a Volkswagen vehicle in the last few years, it probably came equipped with a navigation system that gives you turn-by-turn directions to wherever you need to go. This system is endlessly useful for anyone who needs to drive someplace unfamiliar, which is why it’s important to keep it updated. Fortunately, updating your system is a simple process.

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About the 2022 Volkswagen Golf R

2022 VW Golf R  

The fourth-generation Golf R drives into the new year as a 2022 model. This stylish compact features unique front and rear bumpers, and a rear roof spoiler, all designed to ensure fantastic aerodynamics. With an emphasis on performance that fans will love, the Golf R boasts other new upgrades, such as more robust power and technology.

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