Why the VW Golf is a Big Seller?

VW Golf Vehicles

The VW Golf is one of the most successful models manufactured by Volkswagen. Today, the car is still easy to spot on the road and is favored among different types of drivers. If you're looking to own a new car, it's important to understand why the VW Golf is a big seller.

See How Volkswagen is Reducing NOx Emissions by 80%

Reducing NOx Emission

For the past several years, research and development teams at Volkswagen have worked hard to reduce NOx emissions in vehicles with diesel engines. Now VW has gone even further with a second generation of NOx emission-reducing technology with its twin dosing SCR system.

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Volkswagen Plans for Future EV Battery Recycling

Volksagen Plans to Recycle EV Batteries

In the automotive business, manufacturing companies with a serious commitment to electric vehicles are considered forward thinking. Among these companies, those who are currently working on solutions for future issues related to EV vehicles are considered ahead of the curve. Volkswagen is showing an ability to score high marks in each area.

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VW Golf GTI Named Popular Mechanics Hatchback of the Year


The VW Golf GTI, Hatchback of the Year!

It's probably not a surprise to you that the VW Golf GTI has become very popular over the years; however, now there is supporting evidence by a reliable source! Popular Mechanics, a successful automotive and technology magazine, recently named the 2019 VW Golf GTI as "Hatchback of the Year," among 19 other vehicles priced under $25,000!

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How Does VW Car-Net Security & Service Work?

VW Care Net Security & Service

Volkswagen has a long history of success, and innovation drives much of it. Volkswagen also commits to integrating new technologies to make your driving experience safer, convenient, and enjoyable. VW Car-Net successfully does this by combining the intelligence of your vehicle, smartphone, and computer to create a powerful communication and information system. Car-Net has four exciting features that enhance safety, convenience, and vehicle availability.

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How To Change Your Driving Mode in Your VW?

Changing Your Driving Mode

If you currently own a VW, then you already know that it has very exciting features and agile performance. And, if you're currently not a VW owner -stay tuned- because you're going to be privileged to information that will make a difference in knowing why VW's are so much fun to drive!

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What's Volkswagen BlueMotion?

Volkswagen Bluemotion Nameplate

Volkswagen BlueMotion series includes vehicles that have been equipped with innovative features within the car's engine, as well as the upgraded aerodynamic body. BlueMotion technology (BMT) is present in many Volkswagen vehicles, but there are only two models that are genuinely BlueMotion certified through and through. These two vehicles are the Golf BlueMotion and the Polo BlueMotion. Although options involving true BlueMotion models are slim, many vehicles manufactured by Volkswagen incorporate BMT upgrades within the engines themselves.


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