VW Navigation  

If you've purchased a Volkswagen vehicle in the last few years, it probably came equipped with a navigation system that gives you turn-by-turn directions to wherever you need to go. This system is endlessly useful for anyone who needs to drive someplace unfamiliar, which is why it’s important to keep it updated. Fortunately, updating your system is a simple process.

To update your Volkswagen's navigation system, you first need to go to VW’s navigation map page here. After clicking through the button to update your map, select your vehicle's model and year and the infotainment system you have and download the appropriate update to your computer.

VW Navigation System

Your next step will be to copy it onto your system's SD card. Remove the SD card from your VW’s infotainment system and insert your SD card into your computer to start the download process. This should start automatically if your computer and the app detect your SD card, and then it should take between one and two hours to complete. Once the download is finished, you'll be able to install your SD card back into your Volkswagen's infotainment console with all the updated map data that you'll need.

If you need any assistance with this process or have any other questions about your vehicle's navigation system, contact Camelback VW today. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you and ensure that your vehicle's navigation system is up to date.