VW Care Net Security & Service

Volkswagen has a long history of success, and innovation drives much of it. Volkswagen also commits to integrating new technologies to make your driving experience safer, convenient, and enjoyable. VW Car-Net successfully does this by combining the intelligence of your vehicle, smartphone, and computer to create a powerful communication and information system. Car-Net has four exciting features that enhance safety, convenience, and vehicle availability.

VW Car-Net's Powerful Features

The Safe and Secure feature contacts a VW Car-Net specialist if you are involved in a collision that deploys the airbags. This will speed up the response of emergency services, especially if you cannot access your mobile phone or another external communication device. If you are in a remote area, Car-Net will use GPS to find your exact location. If your vehicle simply becomes disabled, you can contact a specialist, and they will arrange roadside assistance. VW Car-Net will also work with local law enforcement to locate your car if it is stolen.

Do you want to use your smartphone to help you with your vehicle during busy days? The Remote Vehicle Access function can locate your vehicle in busy areas and unlock your doors. RVA will also find points of interest in any area and navigate you to them so your family can enjoy more of its surroundings.

You can worry less about new drivers in the family with Car-Net's Family Guardian. You can set alerts that will notify you when your vehicle travels outside of set geographical borders and when speed limits are exceeded. You will have just a few fewer worries with Family Guardian.

The Diagnostics & Maintenance feature analyzes and reports on the health of your Volkswagen. Each month you'll receive a full report so you can track maintenance schedules, repair needs, and more. This will save you money in the long run because it will help small issues from becoming big problems. A Car-Net specialist can also arrange service appointments and provide the most current diagnostic report to your dealership prior to your visit.

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