2021 VW Infotainment System  

Volkswagen has an impressive model selection for today's drivers. These cars and SUVs offer modern technologies that deliver an incredible on-the-road experience. For 2021, many Volkswagen models feature a new MIB3 infotainment system loaded with updates and exciting features.

A Closer Look at the MIB3 Infotainment System

The updated infotainment system found in most new Volkswagen cars and SUVs is linked to an improved audio and entertainment system. One component of the MIB3 Infotainment System includes SiriusXM with 360L. With this advanced technology, you can take advantage of more than 10,000 hours of on-demand streaming content (available by subscription with a 3-month trial included).

The technology makes tailored listening recommendations for each driver. The MIB3 infotainment system also comes with voice recognition, a wireless App-Connect feature that pairs with your smart device, a navigation system with detailed maps (on equipped models), an illuminated USB-C connector, and other equipment. Together, the features in the MIB3 system can considerably elevate your experience while traveling to your destination.

Also new for select 2021 models is the Travel Assist feature. This allows partially-automated hands-on driving from 0 to 95 mph. This unique technology is activated by a button that is on the steering wheel. Utilizing Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keeping Assist, the Travel Assist feature helps to steer the vehicle as well as brake and accelerate in response to traffic and lane lines. The feature utilizes a capacitive steering wheel to make sure you have your hands on the wheel at all times, since you are still responsible for continually monitoring the system, remaining alert, and maintaining control of the vehicle.

In addition, select 2021 models offer a new Emergency Assist feature, which can bring the vehicle to a stop if the driver is incapacitated. It detects this by continually monitoring the driver's hands on the steering wheel. If the system is unable to detect driver input, a series of visual, audible and brake jerk warnings will occur. If there is no response, Emergency Assist will slow the vehicle to a gradual stop.

The all-new MIB3, Travel Assist and Emergency Assist features are available in select 2021 Volkswagen models. Visit our Phoenix dealership and we can show you the models and trims that have these innovative technologies. To schedule an appointment at Camelback Volkswagen, please contact us today.

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