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Tips for Keeping Your Car Dependable

To keep any car running well, you need to give it regular attention. Our auto service shop in Phoenix is appropriately equipped and staffed for your convenience, and we’re here for all of your inspection and maintenance needs.

Whether you drive a lot or very little, auto service should never be skipped, and it plays a big role in ensuring the longevity of your vehicle’s health and performance. These are some of the helpful tips you can take to maintain your Volkswagen’s dependability.

Book a Multi-Point Inspection

Identifying repair issues that are developing is the easiest way to reduce the chance of a significant breakdown. Through a multi-point inspection completed by our team at Camelback Volkswagen, you can learn about current wear and developing damages that may require prompt attention. We can complete all recommended services for you as well, so that your Volkswagen is restored to superior condition.

Request a Filter and Oil Change Service

With daily use of your Volkswagen, the engine oil will become increasingly filthy, and the oil filter will become saturated with dirt and other types of sediment. As a result, the filter and oil will no longer be able to do their job sufficiently. When left unchanged, this causes excessive wear on other related components, as well as decreased fuel efficiency. To ensure that your Volkswagen continues to run well, and to protect essential engine components, schedule an oil and filter change at the recommended service intervals for your vehicle.

Inflate and Rotate the Tires

Your Volkswagen tires will gradually lose air, and air pressure may also change based on weather conditions. Because of these factors, you must regularly check and adjust the tires’ air pressure for uniform tread wear. Rotating the tires at least twice each year is also essential, and our associates are happy to complete this service for you during your next visit to Camelback Volkswagen.

Address Repair Concerns Promptly

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Everything from an unusual smell or sound to strange vibrations and changes in mobility can indicate a developing repair issue. Some drivers will put off scheduling diagnostics until the problem becomes too large to ignore. However, this strategy may lead to more expensive repair bills and even a stressful vehicle breakdown. Service icons that appear on your dashboard can help point some of these issues out too, and when they do, Camelback Volkswagen can promptly address the problem.

We want to help keep your vehicle in good health throughout the years. If your car or SUV is due for service, do not delay coming in for maintenance work. Call or schedule an appointment online today!