Summer Maintenance Tips  

For many people, warmer weather and longer days mean prime time for a road trip. Before you embark on your journey, however, you'll want to make sure that your vehicle is fully prepared for the trip. Elements such as excessive heat, sun, rain, and dust can all take a toll on your vehicle. When you contact our dealership in Phoenix for service, our mechanics can perform several key services to get your car in top shape.

Oil & Oil Filter Change

Keeping up with routine oil changes is important to begin with, but it's especially critical if you are traveling longer distances over the summer. Enduring extreme weather conditions such as excessive heat or wet conditions can impact the quality of the oil in your vehicle, which in turn makes it less effective. Oil that doesn't flow properly through the engine and mechanical system can cause problems with the engine and other parts.

Fluid Levels

Changes in seasonal weather patterns and temperature can also affect the fluid levels in your car. This includes the wiper, coolant, power steering, and transmission fluid levels. While all the fluids are essential in your vehicle, one of the most critical during hot weather is coolant. Having the proper coolant levels in your vehicle prior to the start of summer is essential to help keep the engine cool.

Tire Pressure & Condition

The tires will also need to be checked for signs of problems before you hit the road. A certified mechanic can inspect the tires on your vehicle to make sure they are inflated to the correct level. In turn, that prevents them from wearing out prematurely and excessively. The outside temperature can also influence tire pressure level, which means it's important to make sure the tires are inflated based on the manufacturer's recommendations before you start driving. It'd also be good to inspect the tires for uneven wear or tread depth that is too low, which means the tires will need to be rotated or replaced.

Car Battery

Summer weather can also affect your car battery's health and longevity. In fact, the battery is more likely to wear out and lose its power in summer than in any other season. To avoid this, the battery should be tested to check its power levels, especially if it's an older battery that hasn't been replaced yet.

If you're in need of some summer vehicle maintenance, contact our auto service department or schedule an appointment online today.