Volkswagen Passat to be Discontinued for 2023  

In recent news, the Volkswagen Passat will be discontinued after the year 2023. This means one less sedan in the lineup for those who are enthusiasts.

The Passat

The German brand will cease production of this vehicle in the next year. This means that it will no longer be offered in the United States. The emphasis will instead shift over to making the all-electric Id.4 vehicles instead. These vehicles are all-electric, and this appears to be a major trend among many automakers.

In other words, many brand makers are changing their approaches and switching from the vehicles of the past to instead being making more electric and alternate source powertrains. They are also using many new features more focused on the future. The writing is on the wall for many carmakers like Volkswagen.

So, in this example, the sales of the Passat were only one-third of six years later than what they were in 2012. It was revamped a few years later, which helped sales a little, but sales were just too bad overall to allow the model to keep going forward. People in the United States just like SUVs enough that it's just tricky for vehicles like the Passat to keep up.

It seems that VW had some idea that this was coming a while ahead of time. The automaker had hinted at it being a thing that could happen previously. It appears that they will be keeping the name, however. It just may not be exported to the United States. There has certainly been a differentiation between the US and the European versions for around ten years now, so this will just be an extension of that. It does appear that more and more brands like VW are updating their brands for what's coming in the future and leaving behind vehicles that are getting left behind.

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